The company offers an excellent portfolio of services ranging from statutory auditing, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) auditing, business advisory and tax services:

Auditing & Assurance
The company has been providing auditing and assurance services since June 2000. We understand the importance of the accuracy of the financial statements and we are committed to provide our customers with first rate audit services. The methodology of the audit services of the company is compliant with the International Auditing Standards. The audit and assurance services offered by Alb BB Auditing are: statutory audit services, IFRS audit services, special purpose audit services, internal audit services, independent audit opinions, regulatory compliance assurance and compliance risk management.

Tax Services
The companies now days need tax advising in order to accomplish their business goals. We assist businesses, individuals, international organizations and nonprofit organizations with tax strategy, tax planning and tax compliance. Our tax services offering are: Personal Income tax & corporate income tax services, Indirect Taxes, Avoidance of Double taxation, Transfer pricing, Compliance services.   

Financial Reporting Services
Stricter accounting and more complex reporting requirements have put increased pressure on financial reporting. As an independent third party service provider, Alb BB Auditing can manage your intermediary companies’ accounting processes efficiently and provide you with timely and accurate information and analysis critical to your strategic decision-making processes.

Statutory Accounting
Maintaining clients’ books and records in accordance with local legislation and preparing and filing all required reports and specifications.

International Management Reporting Services

Tailor-made to clients’ individual requirements, in dual currency format and meeting the required accounting standard. Alb BB Auditing is able to deal with clients’ own (in house) software packages and their own computer networks.

Monthly and Quarterly
Assist in preparing output accounting reports and accounting reconciliation, including the reconciliation between statutory and group management reports.

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